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The Importance of Project/Account Management

2 Feb

As much as I love art & graphic designing, something has to be said for Project Management. There’s more to PM then meets the eye.

Under people’s breathes I’ve heard people say A-Z regarding the usefulness of the position.  Most comments sound unfavorable evolving around the degree of usefulness.  However, as someone who works as a Project Manager along as a Graphic Designer, I can safely say-  project management plays an important role in the success of any project, be it creative, business, IT and beyond.

Communication has got to be one  of the most important elements in PM.  The internal group, stake holders & clients must be aware of the progression of a project. It is also essential that your project staff know what is expected of them; what they have to do, when they have to do it, and what budget and time constraints and quality specification they are working towards.

It is crucial that the Project Manager updates the project status  regularly, project progress can be measured against the original business pitch and a project that is not falling up to par or matching the value of its investment can be called to a halt or reevaluated.

Here are some other important qualities of a great Project Manager:

1.  Organization is key.

2. Thinking outside the box with a creative strategy.

3.  Being able to take responsibility for time, budget management and communication.

As you can see, the role of a project manager is extremely important.  One that takes importance in the work environment and (to come to think of it) at home.