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Brand Identity- Brand Supremecy

1 May

Brand identity is the tangible expression for what your organization stands for. It embodies what “you” do, how “you” do it and why.  People experience the brand through  “your”organization’s actions, as well as through the verbal and visual messages sent.
That’s why- creating your brand identity is crucial for your organization’s overall success.

When creating a logo, or design theme for your organization’s brand, it’s important to understand the degree of impact it will have on your consumers & target audience.

5 Important Elements:

1.  Logo:  Make sure it’s simple, easy for anyone to remember and redraw.

2.  Set color scheme:  This is another way for people to remember your organization. Color combination will leave a subconscious level impact on an individual.  Example:  Every time I see the color’s red & yellow, I think of McDonalds.

3.  Tag line:  Short, simple, powerful.  Make your point in one line- so people can easily understand your overall cause.

4. Memorable url: Make it memorable, so someone can easily reach your website.  If it’s too long or complicated, chances are, people will forget.

5.  Stick to a design that could last you 10 years: For this reason, the person who came up with Pepsi’s logo is a genius.

Nike succeeds in an easy to remember logo image, and a memorable tag line.

Pepsi's classic logo has lasted over 100 years... Through out the years, there have been touch-ups. Now, Pepsi is celebrating it's traditional and succesful logo.

One's campaign uses a simple label & typography, memorable trademark color combination, and a straightforward message with cutting edge design.


Doodle on Your Meeting Notes!!!

26 Apr

In school we were scolded for doodling on our notes, exams, and homework…. It was our teacher’s way of saying, “FOCUS!”  However, as a creative consultant, I say, DOODLE!!!!  Here’s my theory, when you doodle, you are expressing your subconscious thoughts.  By being able to conceptualize your thoughts through design, you are creating ideas through images, not words.  Although it’s important to be able to articulate your thoughts, it is equally as important to visually identify it.

Each one of us are artists and designers of our own thoughts… Don’t shy away from it.  Tap into the doodling excercise as a way to tap into your creative side.