Writing On Furniture- When It’s Ok

28 Aug

Typography Is All Around Us!

13 Jun

Look around you… Observe the different shapes and forms….

I can see shapes that resemble the letter “L”, “C” , “O”, and so many  more…

Typography is one of the visual elements that can be seen all around us.  It is used to create great  design.

Which leads me to say, good typography helps to establish good visual hierarchy.  It defines what takes importance, and within its form, it carries the responsibility of being visually  pleasing along with functionality.   It can also provide visual punctuation and graphic accents to help readers to connect text with images, and headlines with content.

Take a look at some examples of good typography:

BIG Ideas Come from a Big Imagination

19 May
Dressing your imagination

aDressing your imagination

Big Ideas come when “you” are able to get in touch with your creativity, whether it’s artistic, aesthetic, or a response to market needs.  Often, creativity is misunderstood as an exceptional gift that some people have and some people don’t. Creativity is a tool available to anyone who understands its components.  Through a series of appreciation and practice, people can  learn how to actively seek the characteristics and environments that foster creativity and avoid the factors that inhibit it.

The other day, my father had told me- when he was a very young boy growing up in Rasul Nagar, a remote village in Punjab, Pakistan,  he and his friends use to build miniature trains… Not just any ordinary train, but wired miniature trains on tracks. My father surrounded himself with other curious young minds, and together his friends built what they thought was near to impossible.   Bare in mind, during that time,  many parts of Rasul Nagar did not have electricity.

Now a days,  six-year olds are too busy carrying digital devices as a source of information and entertainment.  Can you believe, the media industry is buying-out our time and our minds?!?

We must avoid succumbing to robotic behavior.  Promote and challenge one another to think of the unthinkable.  Challenge our skills through our beautiful minds. After all,  the creation of BIG IDEAS are  initiated through the imagination.



Ways to exercise creativity can be found through so many different techniques, here are a few mental exercises:

1.  Appreciate nature and the universe.  The natural beauty around us inspire our minds to think colorfully.

2. Appreciate Interior Design and Architecture.  Think of it this way, your living space is a reflection of your personality.  It doesn’t take a big budget to live in a beautiful home… With a creative imagination, you can make any area into a beautiful living space – based on your beautiful personality.  It’s all about calculating your surroundings and revamping with the colors of your imagination.

3.  Fashion.  Once again, you don’t have to be rich or high maintenance to appreciate a good sense of style.  Style involves color (or lack of), shapes, personality, the walk & talk.  Fashion is an expression and a commodity.

4.  Art. Art is everywhere.  Art is interpretation.

5.  Think optimistically and don’t restrict yourself by saying “it’s not possible”.

Points Explaining Market Capture

19 May

Rich Media in Mobile….. The Significance.

15 May

Ventilate Japan- Selling Art to Increase Donations/Aid.

11 May

“Ventilate Japan is a charity poster series donating 100% of all profits to the Red Cross, benefiting those who suffer from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Curated by Michael Brown, Ventilate Japan is an initiative of ventilate.ca and each of the contributing artists as well as our our sponsors. Our goal is to not only raise funds but to also raise awareness of the scale of this disaster, the physical and psychological toll taken by its victims as well as the on-going threat posed by spent nuclear fuel.

Through graphic design we hope to voice a message that is compassionate, informative and motivational. The Great East Japan Earthquake is one of the largest in recorded history. Victims face threats of after shocks and subsequent earthquakes. The need for shelter, medical supplies, food supplies, hospital care and psychological care is an on-going need, requiring vast amounts of time, funds, care and dedication.

We are compelled to take action and help in a way we know best, through graphic design. The result is Ventilate Japan. Whether through love, frustration, compassion, concern or motivation, these posters were designed from the heart. We hope that through poster sales we will be able to help even further by way of donating all profits to the Red Cross.”

The Importance of a Creative Touch in Missions & Causes

9 May

This day in age, technology has gripped all of us in a whirlwind of pop culture exposure.  Our ears, eyes, and minds are hooked to sources that spit colorful energy at us… in High Definition.   Amidst all of this chaos, it is important that humanatarian missions find a way to tap into this source. Here are a couple of examples of missions, such as, New Ark, that have pursued a way to wake us up to a reality in need of attention.

New Ark Mission- A Mission to Provide Housing for the needy in India